Our time on earth is limited. We all know this, yet for some reason, we generally push it to one side. We get caught in the trap of believing there are infinite tomorrows when it simply isn’t the case.

We are here for a short time, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t leave a big legacy. And by big, I don’t mean famous or visible, but a legacy that makes a difference in some way.

So what do you want your legacy to be? Have you ever pondered this question or something similar? What do you want your life to be remembered by? We are full of possibility if we allow ourselves to believe it.

Wayne Dyer, a pioneer in the self-help field and great spiritual teacher passed away suddenly over the weekend. He was 75. I was shocked when I read the post on Facebook from his family that said he was no longer with us. He was a bright light in the world, and you could say his legacy was love. Love for ourselves, love for one another and love for this life. He taught us that through connecting and living with our hearts, we can create heaven on earth. It’s up to us.

I sit here, in my 33-year-old body, in good health, and the tomorrows feel like they stretch as far as I can see. But hearing that a great soul has moved on, and instantaneously knowing his legacy was one of love, brought me back to the point of what do I want to achieve in this life I’ve been given? When you look back at the end of your life, if you are given the chance, and assess what you have done with the moments, the days, the weeks and the years, will you be proud of yourself? Or will you have regrets? What would you have been frustrated that you didn’t do? Or what would you have been incredibly proud of trying?

For me, they are big questions that help to cut through the daily chaos of life and provide a sense of clarity. It’s like shining a light through the busyness so that you can recognize what is really important.



Here are some of my thoughts about my legacy:

If I get to the end of my life and realize that I played it safe because I was too afraid to fail, I would be mad at myself. The only way we know if life has a chance of moving in a certain direction is if we are daring enough to take the risk. I know I won’t regret taking risks.

I will hope that at the end of my days my children feel like they got a good mum. One that was available, caring, listened to them, supported them to dream big, and comforted them when it all felt a little too hard.

I hope that when I look back, I can be proud of myself for being a good wife. It’s the relationships that matter the most in life. They are the things that breathe life into our world. I hope that my husband will feel I did a damn good job at being a wife. I know that will require commitment, dedication, patience, and love to achieve.

I hope I leave a legacy, much like Dr. Wayne Dyers. I hope those who knew me will associate my name with a sense of deep, collective love. I hope they will think about their souls and the connection I encouraged them to have with their true-selves. I hope that when those who knew me hear my name after I am gone, they will feel a sense of warmth in their hearts.


I encourage you to think about your legacy. Write some notes about what you want your life to be for and about, and start becoming conscious and intentional about how you spend your days. It is never too late to start becoming more of the person you’d hope to become.

Do you want to be a wonderful mother? An inspiring teacher? A dedicated business person or an accomplished entrepreneur? A great volunteer, or a lovely friend and supportive confidant to those who knew you? Grab a journal and write some personal notes about these questions. They’re big questions. Don’t overthink them, just let your heart write.

Here are some questions to prompt your thinking:

  • What would you like your legacy to be?
  • What would you like to achieve during your lifetime?
  • What would you regret if you didn’t do it? Or try it?
  • What would you be proud you had done, attempted or achieved?
  • If you were thinking about yourself late in life, looking back on your life what are the things that matter the most?


Knowing what you’d like your legacy to be will provide you with a strong sense of whether you’re currently living in alignment with your true-self. If you feel like there are gaps between where you are and where you would like to be, don’t worry. We all are aiming to get closer to our authenticity in my opinion. Recognize you are further along than you think if the idea of a personal legacy is even worth reading about for you. And remember, that each action and conscious decision you make is one step closer to a future you will look back and be proud of.

Hi. I’m Kate Snowise. I’m a Life Coach who helps people get clear on what they want, need and crave, and then helps them take the steps to move towards that. I believe life is about more than surviving and being good enough. Each of us truly has the ability to thrive and live a beautiful, aligned life where we remember and connect with our authentic selves. I have an MSc in Psychology (the positive kind that concentrates on what is right with you). To read more about my signature coaching program The Thriving Life Project click here

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