When I started working with Kate I wasn’t quite sure where I was going career-wise and there were a few things going on in my personal life that I wanted a neutral person to talk to about. Working with Kate was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – she’s truly changed my life for the better. I have a better idea of who I am as a person and can now articulate my wants/ needs. Kate is a lovely soul with a heart of gold! She has the gift of making others see and reach their full potential. She’s truly inspiring, caring, and an all-around bad ass!


California, USA

After coaching with Kate I have regained a much more positive attitude about life. I started to love things again I had forgotten about and she provided me with more tools to help me cope and recognize my strengths. She is very supportive, down to earth and very warm and friendly. If you are considering coaching with her, I would say to you – She is the best! What are you waiting for?


Missouri, USA

Working with Kate has been incredibly inspiring. After working with her I can say I see more possibilities, I recognize my own strengths and values, and I am so much more optimistic about the future. She is energetic, insightful and authentic. I’ve already recommended her to friends!


Iowa, USA

I was so excited at the prospect of working with Kate, and she turned out to be exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Kate is obviously intelligent, but it is her naturally warm and caring nature that I believe enables her to deliver such an exceptional experience. It has been insightful and most importantly relevant. Thanks to Kate I now know how to tune into what really matters. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her highly enough.


Owner - Online Gift & Design Store. New Zealand, Christopher Benjamen

Kate is incredibly warm and sincere. She has the intuition to take quantitative data from various assessments and activities along with qualitative feedback from one-on-one conversations to help build a clear picture of a person’s values, motivations, and sticking points. From this, she’s skilled at creating personalized approaches to pushing through one’s own obstacles and bad habits to be more fulfilled, clear, and productive.

If you’re considering coaching with Kate, take the leap! Don’t assume she is like other motivational life coaches who may get you excited during the session but leave you without any real approaches to making positive changes in your life. After my first two sessions, I actually looked forward to our conversations and activities (which is pretty different from how I typically feel with coaching). Having worked with Kate I can confidently say I’m in a better place personally and professionally.

David (PhD)

California, USA

Life coaching gave me the chance to reflect and prioritize overwhelming feelings and decisions. It provided a nice middle ground between career coaching and spiritual healing which I was seeking. I now have tools and confirmation on my core values that help center me when I feel flustered or overwhelmed. The coaching gave me time for myself and I felt unconditionally supported by Kate, which strengthened my trust in myself.

Kate is personable, knowledgeable, and insightful. She is able to dive into core issues and works on an intellectual and intuitive level that seamlessly guides the coaching sessions. I liked knowing she has a psychology background in facilitating this important work. She also has a great sense of humor and a great accent! I’m happy I signed up and met Kate. She is sincere to her work and helping others thrive.


Arizona, USA

When I started working with Kate I was at a point in my career and life where I felt like I had everything, but I still felt stuck. I felt like I wasn’t living up to my true potential any more. Working with Kate helped me put structure to my thoughts. One of the exercises we did was the Values identification and this has helped me so much. I have pinned my values on my vision board and every time something doesn’t feel right I remind myself of my values and where the realignment needs to happen.

Kate is an amazing human being who truly invests her time in getting to know people and what really makes them tick in this life. Rather than giving you all the answers, she enables you to find the answers within you. She really cares about other people and making sure you live your best life. I’ve already recommended Kate to my friends!


New Zealand

Kate is an incredible coach who takes time to really understand her clients, and can tailor her approach depending on what will help you develop. I personally like someone who challenges me, and she was able to pinpoint the right times to do that. She also surprised me with her incredible support in areas I hadn’t even realized I needed.


California, USA

Before I started working with Kate, I had too many life activities happening at one time, and couldn’t quieten the noise enough to accomplish anything. My outlook was blurred. Having completed coaching, I am now able to identify the objects that are blocking my path and realize where I am out of balance and how to correct it. Kate is a positive coach who understands real life experiences and doesn’t just teach from a book. If you are considering coaching, I’d say – Do It, and be honest with yourself.


Texas, USA

Since working with Kate I’ve been able to be more deliberate with every decision I make, and realize that everything we do is a decision! I’ve started thinking more strategically about where I want to be and how to get there, and what I need to prioritize in my life has been clarified. Kate is warm and intelligent, and a free-spirit with plenty of positive energy. You won’t regret coaching with her!


California, USA

Kate has a natural ability to connect and makes you feel at ease. Our time together flowed effortlessly and I felt guided beautifully throughout. Her warm, caring nature and positive outlook make it a complete joy and of course her wealth of knowledge helps draw out the information promptly and get the results desired, in no time. I highly recommend working with Kate. She is an amazing coach!


New Zealand, Be & Bloom

I’m a very happy person but I was stuck in terms of the “what next” question. Kate helped me understand how to play to my strengths, and I’m much more targeted in my approach with business and in taking my career into my own hands. She is a genuinely caring, smart and relatable person who is so easy to connect with and learn from. If you are considering coaching with Kate, you absolutely should. I can’t say how much I’ve appreciated our sessions!


California, USA

Kate is inspiring and real. She gets it. She’s an awesome cheerleader and mentor, and working with her has changed my life. I feel blessed that we have crossed paths. If you’re thinking about coaching, don’t wait. Do it now! She is a huge part of why I’m here today trying to not only better myself but help others. She’s a rockstar!


Chief Happiness Officier, She's a Gorgeous Mess of Chaos

Working with Kate was an overall great experience. She helped me clarify my strengths and weaknesses, my working and communication styles, and helped me pin down the values that are important to me in both my work and personal life. I have been able to take a more holistic approach to these two worlds, and brought more of my outside interests into my work. I have a much better sense about what I am working toward, and how to get there. I highly recommend Kate. She is awesome, and I will definitely work with her in the future.



Working with Kate has been an awesome experience! Kate is incredibly kind, warm, and smart and gives great advice. She’s helped me identify my career and personal values and put concrete goals in place to achieve them. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Kate in developing my career and following what brings me joy. I highly, highly recommend working with her!



Before I worked with Kate I was finding it difficult to make decisions for me and my family, and finding it hard to decide on what was the next right move for us. I’ve noticed since our session that I have gained confidence and am so much clearer on what is really important to me. I am also managing my stress a lot better. Kate is a beautiful person who is approachable and easy to talk to. She is a wonderful listener and gives clear advice. I would highly recommend working with her.


New Zealand

Working with Kate has been extremely beneficial for me. I am convinced she has provided me with the tools and stepping stones to help me become my best self and start fulfilling my potential in all areas of life.



Kate is absolutely amazing. She instantly made me feel at ease and knew exactly what to ask to challenge my perceptions and thinking. I came out with clear goals and objectives and started to break down the barriers that were holding me back from performing at my best.


New Zealand

Before working with Kate I was very good at identifying my weaknesses and areas where I felt I needed to improve. Now I am more aware of where I am too hard on myself, and I’m taking more notice of my strengths. Kate is thoughtful, kind and approachable. If you’re thinking about working with her, you absolutely should. It is like talking to a good friend who has an unbiased view.



I felt an instant connection once I spoke with Kate. Before I began coaching, I had been struggling with anxiety and difficult personal circumstances.  Since working with her I feel I have found new hope for my future – I feel renewed. She is remarkable. The world needs people like her.



Personal Endorsements

Kate is a master at dishing out excellent and thought-provoking information. She does it in such a way that it is rooted in so much love, compassion and peacefulness. Hearing her voice and reading her work inspires me to become even more of who I am meant to be in the world! Her spirit is uplifting and trusting. I find myself loving everything she puts out.

Lindsay Han

Life Coach, Lindsay the Life Coach

Kate has a genuine passion and gift for helping others live courageously from their own heart. She is a bright light in a time of great need.

Shannon Kaiser

Bestselling Author, Life Coach & Happiness Expert, Play With the World

We all have a deep desire to feel fulfilled and joyful. Kate gives practical and grounded insight into how we can live up to what is possible. She encourages us to live intentional and connected lives, and helps us remember to put the spirit back into being human.

Amy Leigh Mercree

Bestselling Author & Medical Intuitive, Amy Leigh Mercree

Kate is a gifted, wise and heart-centered woman with a passion for helping others live purposeful and thriving lives. Her unique blend of practical advice, compassion and inspiration will uplift your spirit and help you live a happier life. She is an inspiration to be around and learn from.

Elyse Santilli

Writer & Life Coach, Notes on Bliss

Kate is a relatable, radical, and radiant soul who walks her talk. She lives from her heart and is the spark the world needs right now.

Emma Mildon

Bestselling Author & Soul Searcher, Emma Mildon