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Shannon Kaiser is on the show! Shannon is my favorite go-to expert on all things happiness. She is the bestselling author of Find YourHappy, Find Your Happy Daily Mantras and Adventures for Your Soul.


In this episode, Shannon shares parts of her personal story and how she went from hopeless and lost to happy and thriving. We talk about how she lost her confidence only to regain it, and how she found the courage to step into a life that felt truly authentic despite the obstacles.

It’s a discussion about self-love, personal growth and discovery, relying on your inner strength and learning how to trust yourself.


Specifically, Shannon describes:


  • What believing your future-self means
  • How you can start creating a life your future-self will thank you for
  • What it looks like to move away from a life that doesn’t fit you anymore
  • How the recent political climate has pushed many of us into a fearful state
  • How we can override our fear, and put ourselves back into a positive space
  • How we can reclaim our personal power
  • What trusting yourself actually looks and feels like


There are so many highly relevant and actionable points we touch on in this discussion! You may actually need to listen to it twice.


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