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I didn’t always know the answer to this question. I was attached to my surface identity, and it wasn’t until I reached my 30’s that I was put in a position where life begged me to address this. I was disconnected from myself, and it got to the point that it wasn’t working anymore.

In this podcast, I’m talking through my story, as well as how you can start to connect with your Authentic Self and show up in life. I’m highlighting that we are all beautifully, usually, uniquely perfect, and we need to celebrate that.

Points include:
Identity, and how it can mask our authenticity
How our unconscious identifications can particularly mess us up
How exactly we can start to connect with ourselves
And, why our own voices matter more than what we hear from outside of us
I reference in this episode, Elizabeth Gilbert’s speech, Flight of the Hummingbird. It’s a must watch! You can find it here:

And if you’d like a “Me” Journal, here is an Amazon search page to get you started (note: I haven’t checked any of them out personally, so can’t recommend sorry! – still think I just might have to write one!): ME Journal Search

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In case you’re new, I’m Kate. Welcome! I’m a Life & Executive Coach. My job is to help people get clear on what they want and need so they can start moving forward. I believe we’re our own best experts, and that we all have the answers we need deep within us – it’s just a matter of accessing that wisdom. I give people the space, knowledge, and support to dive deep so that they can connect with their authentic essence and move forward to create truly fulfilling lives. I have an MS in Psychology but infuse my book knowledge with a giant dose of Soul. Because as humans, we’re more than just our minds; we’re also full of heart. 

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