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Rather than letting life just happen to you, Here to Thrive has ideas and insights into how you can live your life on purpose and start creating authentic happiness.


I’m the host, Kate Snowise. I’m a former Corporate Psychologist turned Life Coach. I’m also a life-long soul-searcher, an avid reader, a dog-lover, an expat, a Mama and a Wife.


I’m a little bit spiritual and whole lot psychological. Positive psychology is my discipline and love, while spirituality and exploring the things we can’t see with our eyes is my passion. I believe they go hand-in-hand when you are talking about creating and living a truly fulfilling life.


Here to Thrive exists because I want to help as many people as I can live truly happy lives. It’s my portal to deliver free material that will help you deepen the conversation you’re having with yourself about your life. Because our lives can pass us by if we’re not paying attention.


We get to create our lives, but so many of us have forgotten that we have the power to do so. 


The guests on Here to Thrive are Bestselling Authors, Self-Help Gurus and Forward-Thinking Leaders. My hope is that this podcast will be the one worth telling your friends about, because thriving in life is too good not to share.

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Recent Guest Interviews

#70: Susie Moore – The Side Hustle Lifestyle

Susie Moore is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and creator of the Side Hustle Academy. In this episode I’m picking Susie’s brain. What does it take to be a side-hustler? And how do you get started with making that hidden dream of yours a reality?

#68. Marcus Aurelius Anderson: Facing Adversity

to listen on iTunes: — Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a Mindset Coach, Speaker & Author. His new book is called - The Gift of Adversity. Today we're talking adversity, and how to start moving forward when you feel stuck or blindsided by life. Marcus...

#66. Tanya Jahnke : Demystifying Feng Shui

Tanya Jahnke is a Feng Shui expert. She’s been doing this for 22 years and I was thrilled to get the chance to pick her brain. We cover SO much in this episode, from how to increase abundance through what you put in your spaces and where you put it, to the importance of having a sacred landing spot.

#64: Emily Esfahani Smith: A Meaningful Life

Emily Esfahani Smith is an expert on the meaningful life. Here we’re talking through how a meaningful life doesn’t have to be an extraordinary life. As she asserts, most of us will live fairly ordinary lives but there is still huge amounts of meaning to be found in the everyday experiences of being human.

#62. Andrea Featherstone: Deconstructing Mindfulness

Today’s guest is an Unconventional Mindfulness Facilitator & former cynical pessimist. She’s the woman that was ticking all the boxes but wasn’t necessarily feeling that deep sense of lasting satisfaction that most of us crave. Perhaps the best description ever – she felt like an empty coloring book.

#61. Important vs. Urgent + the F*ck-It Bucket

Listen here on iTunes: On Android or want to listen via Web? Get it here on Stitcher: — Most of have a tendency to get stuck on distractions, and sometimes drama, and often the most important stuff gets pushed aside. Today...

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