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21 Journal Prompts to Deepen Self-Awareness

A thorough list of writing prompts to help you connect more deeply with yourself. 

This is a 6-page guide with meaningful journal prompts that can be used to:

  • Help deepen your connection with yourself
  • Understand your inner yearnings and needs
  • Help provide clarity and direction


It also includes a brief overview of how to journal using prompts.

If you’re looking for tools to help you self-reflect, and to get in touch with yourself better, these journal prompts are a great place to start.

Life Planning Kit

A practical workbook to help you get Clear on What Matters Most & How to Achieve It

This is a 15+ printable planning kit. It will walk you through 4 components of successful life planning:

  • Reflection
  • Feeling
  • Committing
  • Action

If you’re craving more Clarity and are ready to Kick It Up a Notch – Start Here.

Thriving Life Mini-Guide

8 Simple Practices that Can Help You Create a Thriving Life

This is a simple e-book outlining 8 life habits that can help you become the best version of yourself. These are simple ideas, and if you even make just one a priority in your life, you will notice a shift in your energy.

If you’re looking for new ideas and an overview of simple habits that will help make you happier, then this is for you.

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Hi. I’m Kate Snowise. I’m a Life Coach and host of the Here to Thrive Podcast. I  help people get clear on what they want, need and crave, and then helps them take the steps to move towards that.

I believe life is about more than surviving and being good enough. Each of us truly has the ability to thrive and live a beautiful, aligned life where we remember and connect with our authentic selves. I have an MSc in Psychology (the positive kind that concentrates on what is right with you). To read more about my signature coaching program The Thriving Life Project click here