Ready for a Fulfilling Life?

 I help people find their personal power.

Once you know what you want, need & crave in life, putting plans in place to move towards it becomes the fun part.

Hi, I’m Kate Snowise. I’m a former Corporate Psychologist turned Life & Executive Coach and I’m also the host of the Here to Thrive Podcast.


I work with people…

who want to get clear on what they want and who they are, so that they can create an aligned and authentic life that feels downright amazing. Its all about fulfillment to me. When you know what you need to feel deeply satisfied and happy with life, then you can take the steps towards getting it.

I specialize in personal discovery, career, and well-being coaching. All sessions are via Skype or phone so location is no obstacle.

Kate Snowise (MS Psychology)

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

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 Read more about me. This is how I got to where I am today and the it’s the essential backstory behind Thrive.How.

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