I believe there is nothing like jumping on a call with someone to see if they can really offer you what you need. Feeling comfortable is an essential part of having a strong coaching partnership.

In our initial chat, you will get to tell me more about your current situation and see if I might be a fit for your needs. I’ll talk through what I do, why I do it, and how it works. It will also be your chance to ask me all the questions you have about coaching and the process.

Added bonus, it will also be your chance to work out if you can understand my New Zealand accent!

If a part of you thinks coaching might be something worth considering, just fill in the form below with your name and contact details, and I will come back to you to organize a free, no obligation chat.

If you’d like to reach out for any other reason, this genius little form will flick a note straight to my inbox, so send me a message! Or if you prefer to take the direct route, you can always touch base with me at

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